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Workshop on instrumentation in Danish Astronomy

Complex Molecules in Space; Status and Prospects with ALMA

Conference in Fugls°, ┼rhus, May 8-11, 2006, co-funded by IDA.

Conference web-site

DFS/astro meeting 2006

Dedicated IDA web-site with presentations

DFS/Astro meeting 2007

Dedicated IDA web-site with presentations

SONG workshop

Workshop at IFA, ┼rhus, March 21-23, 2006, co-funded by IDA.

Workshop web-site

Detection of optical Transients from the Ground

Wednesday-Thursday, April 27 - 28
Niels Bohr Institute, Juliane Maries Vej 30.
Organized by Holger Pedersen & Per KjŠrgaard Rasmussen.

Report from workshop

Mini-thinkshop: Fossil galaxy groups - nature or nurture?

Place and time
Astronomical Observatory, Copenhagen
Oct 20-29 2004

Idea and purpose
The purpose of this think/workshop was to bring together experts in observational, theoretical and numerical astrophysics to promote a better understanding of the "fossil group" phenomenon.

K. Pedersen, IDA/AO, and J. Sommer-Larsen, AO.

Report from workshop


Final meeting program

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Sub-mm workshop in Copenhagen December 20-21 2004

IDA organized a workshop on sub-mm astrophysics, Copenhagen December 20-21 2004.

For more information see the dedicated workshop site.

DFS/Astro meeting in Nyborg 2005

Dedicated IDA web-site with presentations

1st Copenhagen -Reykjavik GRB meeting, Sep 21-22 '04

Informal meeting on gamma-ray bursts at Astronomical Observatory. Everybody is welcome. Program

DFS/Astro meeting in Nyborg 2004

Meeting program