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Research Assistants

Announcement of opportunity for funding of postdocs/research assistantships and co-funding of PhD projects in 2012

Due to previously allocated funds, which could not be realized, the Instrument Center for Danish Astrophysics (IDA) again welcomes applications for funding of postdocs/ research assistants and co-funding of PhD projects in observational astrophysics in 2012. Approximately 250 kDKK is expected to be available for projects in 2012.

Postdocs/research assistants within observational astrophysics
Top priority will be given to projects at the largest facilities offered by ESO, ESA, and NASA, as well as at NOT. At lower priority, IDA may support projects at the mid-sized facilities at ESO or La Palma, or at large facilities, e.g. in the US. IDA encourages a multi-wavelength approach and combining observations at large facilities with theory; preparing for the use of future large facilities on the ground and in space.

PhD project co-funding
IDA can co-fund excellent PhD projects, which will position the student to influence the astrophysics of the future.

Funded projects should be excellent and feasible within the proposed time span, i.e. there should be a well-defined timetable, including a publication plan. Note that projects can only be funded in the calendar year 2012. The most competitive scientists will be supported, irrespective of employment status, i.e. postdocs/research assistants and potential PhD students can apply for their own project. The applicant must be based at a Danish astrophysics institution.

Applications should include:

  • Cover page: Project title, name of applicant, name of postdoc/research assistant or PhD student to be co-funded, co-financing from other sources, and an approximate 10 lines abstract.
  • Project description: Outline of the general science context and description of how the proposed project will advance astrophysics (max. 2 pages).
  • Task break-down and timeline for the project (max. 1 page).
  • Full budget for the project (max. 1 page).
  • CV of applicant (max. 1 page).
  • CV of research assistant, if different from applicant (max. 1 page).

    The deadline for applications is June 8th, 2012.

    Applications should be written in English and addressed to the IDA head, Jens Hjorth, Niels Bohr Institute, University of Copenhagen, Juliane Maries Vej 30, DK-2100 Copenhagen. Applications must be submitted electronically as one PDF file to Any potential applicant is invited to apply irrespective of gender, nationality, race, religion, or ethnic background.

    Applications will be assessed by an independent committee.

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